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Exide InstaBrite IB1800 (180AH)

36 Months (18 Months Full Replacement + 18 Months Pro Rata)
Capacity: 180 AH
MRP: 17,021
Special Price: 10500
Capacity: 180 AH
Special Price: 10500
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Exide InstaBrite IB1800 (180AH) Description

Exide InstaBrite IB1800 (180AH) Description

Exide Instabrite IB1800 (180AH):

Exide Instabrite IB1800 (180Ah) is one of the top-quality flagship models of Exide Industries. Exide Insta brite battery will guarantee superior power backup for your home and is available at an unbelievable price. The Instabrite battery series of Exide have the capability to control deep discharge conditions with short frequencies.  It is the #1 choice amongst home UPS systems as it performs with minimal fumes and gases and has instant switch over function to deliver instant brightness and performance. The Exide INS BRT1800 battery is a part of the Exide Instabrite series of lead acid battery from Exide that is capable of providing exceptional power backup even in difficult environment. This Exide Instabrite battery is perfect to deliver non-stop power supply for homes and it comes in factory-charged condition. With Exide Instabrite IB1800 (180Ah), you can be sure that there will be no shortage of power in your home. Exide Insta Brite 1800 is generally recommended for 1BHK to 3BHK flat.


Exide Instabrite IB1800 (180AH)

  • Unique features and superior technology: Exide Instabrite battery is made using an Advanced Hybrid Technology that is best suited to withstand high temperatures as well as thick plate construction with special paste formulation. Special hybrid alloy system facilitates low water loss and dual plate separation (PE+GM) that reduces the chance of premature failure. This helps to keep the battery life longer.
  • Easy maintenance: Float/float guide to indicate electrolyte level.
  • Easy handling/spill-proof: The battery has moulded handles which ensures easy handling. Moreover, it has top vented lid with anti-splash guards fitted with coin flush vent plugs.
  • Fume and leak resistant: Spark arrestor fitted in float to restrict fumes and acid during operation. This offer clean top with no surface leakage.
  • Ready for commissioning: Batteries supplied in factory-charged condition ready to be used.

Specifications of Exide InstaBrite IB1800 (180AH)


180 AH


36 Months (18 Months full replacement + 18 Months Pro Rata)

Nominal Voltage

12 Volt


Exide IB1800

Battery type

Flat Plate

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