What should I consider when buying a battery?

Battery Size: What are the dimensions and specifications of your original battery? Power: What are the CCA (Cold Cranking Amps) required to power your vehicle? Warranty: Product is backed by a warranty package. You should select the one which is right for your vehicle's requirement.
The moment your order is placed and/or the payment is done, our support team will get in touch with you. The call will be made to for the confirmation, verification, shipping details, and availability of the product. After the confirmation call, the customer will receive an e-mail with the details of the product and the estimated delivery time. Thus, your order will be confirmed. The e-mail will have your order ID which will be used for future reference whenever required. Will there be any hidden charges or any applicable Taxes on the purchase? The prices of the products that are mentioned on the website are all inclusive, so NO HIDDEN CHARGES. You will pay the same amount which is reflecting on the website.
The battery will be completely charged. It will be ready to use the moment it is installed?
After you are done with placing your order, you will receive a call from our support team to verify and confirm the order details and also suitable time slot to deliver the battery as per your convenience. Usually it is delivered within 4 to 24 hours of order confirmation. Though it won’t be possible to deliver the order in the exact time mentioned due to some reasons like traffic or bad weather or non-availability of the customer or some other disruptions. Also you have to ensure that your order should be placed before 4 in the evening. As it is not possible to deliver the order the same day, if you place the order after 4 PM.
You may use a higher capacity (higher Ah) battery than the original one if the battery which you are replacing is of the same voltage. But we recommend to stick to the specifications as provided in the company fitted battery or as per the manual.
The manufacturer of the battery takes care of the after-sales services. If you notice any problem within the warranty period, then you could contact the manufacturer / Authorised Service Centre for resolution.
It is a partial warranty that is applied to non-repairable products like batteries. If the product is covered under pro-rata warranty, in case of any damage, you will be charged for only a partial price and not the full amount. If it is a replacement, the replaced product comes under the equal new warranty period, like if your it falls under pro-rata warranty period then, you will get a discount on the current price of the newly replaced battery, but all of it depends on the value of your battery. The pro-rata warranty is effective from the date of purchase. Let’s understand by way of an example that if your battery has 24+24 (free of cost + pro-rata) and it get failed in the 12th month then, 25% of the product warranty period is over which will be deducted from the value of the existing price of the battery at the time of purchase. You will get 75% discount on the MRP of the newly replaced battery.
Service charges of INR 300/- will be applicable if you want the delivery to take place before 8:30 am or after 8:30 PM. Also, if delivery distance is more than 25 km then the service charge will be applicable. In both scenarios, you should discuss with us on our WhatsApp number +91 7404767599 prior to the booking. If the payment has been done by a credit card (visa/Master) then 2% extra service charge + GST of 2% will be applicable. And in case of American Express cards 3% + GST of 3% will be applicable. 5% would be charged additional if the payment is made using Paytm.
Few of the signs which indicate that your car battery is dying are: • Heating of car cabin • Electrical devices attached in your car are not functioning properly • Headlights start to dim • Trouble to start the car.